RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Lent

Friday Five: Lent

1. Oddly this year, the second day of Lent was Valentine’s Day. How was this for you? Was Valentine’s Day any different being in Lent?

I am so busy trying to get dissertation stuff together that I barely noticed Valentine’s Day. If I didn’t have a kid at home, I would have missed it completely I’m sure. We went and got ice cream to celebrate.

2. Did you celebrate Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday this year? Any memories of memorable celebrations past?

For the first time ever my church celebrated Shrove Tuesday. We partnered with another church and added a Silent Auction to raise money for youth mission trips. It was a blast and we brought in decent money, too!

3. How about Ash Wednesday, past and/or present?

Ash Wednesday was very nice because even though this church is smaller than some other churches I’ve served the choir expects to sing at special services like Ash Wednesday. I had a very moving experience myself as they sang. Precious.

4. Do you have a personal plan of give-ups, take-ons, special ministries, and/or a special focus for your own spiritual growth between now and Easter?

Well, it all started with a message on Twitter from Alaska. And now for the 3rd year, I’m wearing a clergy collar for Lent. The shorter version is: I’m a clergywoman serving in a place where women regularly are told by non-Methodists they can’t be pastors only because they are women. So for the six weeks of Lent I give witness to my ordination instead of taking it for granted like I do the rest of the year. In solidarity and silent witness with sisters who are called and not yet recognized as ministers I wear a collar.

The past two years I have ended up in conversations because of the collar particularly with young people that have been amazing. So, it is worth it, even though by the time I get to Easter I’m usually ready to go back to the Methodist way of no clergy collar!

5. Do you have a book or a website you are reading often during Lent?

Not this year, I think trying to have a dissertation ready for defense by the Monday or Tuesday of HOLY WEEK (yes, you read that correctly) is more than enough.

Bonus:  Song, prayer, picture, etc. that sums up your feelings about this liturgical springtime. The song is Java Jive (I love coffee I love tea) ’cause I’m gonna need it to survive!

About Sarah The Vicar of Hogsmeade

I'm an United Methodist clergywoman with two daughters. I read. I geocache. I look for excuses to laugh. My Ph.D. is on Clergywomen and Grief.
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8 Responses to RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Lent

  1. Jan Hilton says:

    I am so glad you are wearing the collar to promote conversation and discussion about female ordination. Good luck with your dissertation defense! I am impressed.

  2. omg, dissertation for holy week? wow. Holding you and your collared self in the light!

  3. visiting from F5 and enjoying your week’s journey:)
    Best on what’s next for you too!

  4. Blessings on that dissertating!!!

  5. T says:

    I love when there are five questions too! Good luck as you work on you dissertation!

  6. Leah Sophia says:

    It’s great to have you Friday fiving! exciting about your dissertation, and interesting about the collar… Happy Valentine’s Day, Blessed Lent!

  7. Wayne Stratz says:

    Our youth just had a blast selling baked goods at our chili cook off. A grand night. Nothing like music to move one’s spirit. Enjoy the dissertation, because disliking it probably won’t bear fruit.

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