11th Hour Preacher Party: “Place At the Table” Edition

11th Hour Preacher Party: “Place At the Table” Edition.


Our new space for RevGalBlogPals! I would not have a blog at all if it were not for RevGalBlogPals. I started a blog because I had a story to tell for a Friday Five.

Then I jumped into the Preacher Party. I never knew there were so many others who lived a life like mine where writing on Saturday was what worked best. I had participated in online preacher discussion groups that focused on lectionary but it seemed that most of them wrote earlier than I did. They had larger churches with a staff that allowed them to block off Friday as a day to write or there were others who covered hospital calls or shared funerals. As a single mom and full time pastor of a church with no other staff to cover those things, I thought about the sermon starting early in the week but the writing often was done late on Saturdays. The Preacher Party is where I found a group that understood!

And we’ve moved to a new home … a new blog home!

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RevGalBlogPals: Friday Five Silly Sentences …..

Friday Five Silly Sentences…. as posted by 

 Because I am feeling silly, or perhaps, just out there, our FF is dedicated to creating silly sentences.  We all need a little meaningless creativity and humour, right?

Use these five words (in any tense) in a sentence:
1. pulpit, puppy, wrench, word, mouse.
2. weep, love, prayer, bassoon, chair
3. heart, shutter, wish, turtle, walk
4. howl, worry, window, story, trust
5. garden, hat, shepherd, laugh, sigh.


If you give a mouse a pulpit, she’ll ask you for a puppy and a wrench while delivering the Word. And when you give her the puppy and the wrench, she’ll also offer you a chair while you weep and she’ll need a bassoon for tomorrow’s special music. When you give her the bassoon for tomorrow’s special music, she’ll fix the shutter using the wrench. After fixing the shutter, her heart’s wish will be to walk the turtle. And if she walks the turtle, she will tell the story. If she tells the story, everyone listening will howl with laughter. No worries. Trust me. And at the end of the story, after the last laugh, there is a deep sigh. Because when you give a mouse a pulpit, she’s been called by the Great Shepherd and she wears many hats.

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RevGal Blog Carnival – GalShip

I love to geocache and it’s been one of the “excursions” for every BE so far. No joke, we’ve been to Hell (on Grand Caymen) and back. And the best fish tacos are at Senor Iguana’s on the far side of the Cozumel island.

I remember trying to find the first International geocache when we found the end of the sidewalk and the military guys with machine guns first. I was so disappointed and trying not to be as crushed as I was. I was a rookie enthusiast. But all we could do was turn around and go the other way — which turned out to be the *right* way!

My companions all had their own goals for the jaunt as well, sand scooped up from the beach, toes in the water, religious kitsch. We came to the populated part of the port and the name of bar matched the name of a cache! And suddenly, there were four of us looking high and low in bushes, planters, around door frames and windows, not really being too careful about being noticed because the excitement of a possible find took over. Then this guy said, as he walked past, “More west.”

Of course! So we went more west thinking that we were going inside. But anyone who has spent time in such a location knows that a doorway may very well be an entry to more than a room. This entry led to a short hallway that opened into an area that was filled with tables that have umbrellas instead of a ceiling over them. The place that was most west in this area were the steps that led to the water where we promptly put our feet. The sidewalk guy saw us and said, “you took the more west kinda literally didn’t ya?” Knowing we were in the right vicinity, we looked around the area for anything that might resemble a geocache.

We were kinda tired, very thirsty, and starting to get hungry. I said I’d buy drinks then we could go back to the boat for food and rest. As we waited to be noticed, Kathryn, the one who wanted sand, got up to see if she could speed up the process. While wandering, she noticed a mailbox and said, “Could it be the mailbox? Do they have mailboxes in Mexico?”

I said, “I don’t know. Open it.” She wouldn’t. I waited a little while. But not very long. I went over and opened it. You know that soccer announcer that yells “Goal!” and it lasts for five minutes? I think I was channeling him! I was beyond excited. There was a gallon size baggie with all kinds of stuff in it and I traded leaving a travel bug with a camp lanyard with Seattle Seahawk colors because I had forgotten to buy a keychain to leave there which was the original plan. Then a guy from Pittsburg (the team that had just beat Seattle in the Super Bowl!) came and found the cache right after I put it back. He took our picture as we sat there finishing our drinks under the umbrella at the No Name Beach Club.

There’s another cache called “Stop Eating and take a walk.” I think that’s a great name for a geocache located where cruise ships stop. We certainly walked alot that day even though we didn’t really need to go as far as we did. I had read the GPS upside down. I was nervous about “getting it right” because there were new friends to impress. But they didn’t care about me getting it right. They were along for the adventure and the walk and the company. It didn’t matter to them if we found any geocaches at all. They just wanted to be together for a good day.

Just like on the road to Emmaus as the friends walked together talking, God is right there walking with us whether we recognize it in that very moment or not. Sometimes it takes the moments like Holy Communion when we intentionally “stop walking to take and eat” with each other to see the sacredness but the sacredness is always there even if we don’t always recognize it in moment.

All of that together is the first story I think of when I begin to explain what Galship means to me but it’s not the only thing I think of.

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Knock knock 4 aka no longer ABD

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Sarah who?

Sarah (is there) a doctor in the house?


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RevGalBlogPals: Friday Five: Random Personal Maps

Friday Five: Random Personal Maps! as posted by revkjarla

Happy Friday friends!!
Today, our Friday Five is about YOU….and if your life were a map, well….
1. What is beyond your boundaries? PINK is so far beyond my boundaries! OMG! I can’t stand to wear it! I hate it when random manufacturers add it to some perfectly good item thereby ruining it for my use! I will not!!! use a PINK hammer! What an absurd idea! PINK is beyond the pale! So, of course, my younger daughter adored pink and everything had to be pink for the first years of her life ::sigh:: Thankfully, she outgrew that phase!
2. Where are the cities or neighborhoods that need “redevelopment” or attention? Redevelopment is only available to well qualified buyers … (I married for love the first time).
3.  What are the verdant valleys? I am creating these answers at 2:35 am after (I think) completing my dissertation. My first answer did not have a G rating. Ummmm ………… the next question isn’t helping me either ………. oh the next question only has ONE “s” heh heh heh ……okay, geocaching that’s it, geocaching.
4. Where are the deserts? Reading books I want to just for fun and geocaching a lot more than I have lately
5.  Where is the hidden treasure? With any luck, it’s a dissertation that’s about to be defended and PhD awarded

BONUS!  Where is the coolest place you have been on the globe? Cayman Islands or Grand Bahama Island it’s hard to choose

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RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Lent

Friday Five: Lent

1. Oddly this year, the second day of Lent was Valentine’s Day. How was this for you? Was Valentine’s Day any different being in Lent?

I am so busy trying to get dissertation stuff together that I barely noticed Valentine’s Day. If I didn’t have a kid at home, I would have missed it completely I’m sure. We went and got ice cream to celebrate.

2. Did you celebrate Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday this year? Any memories of memorable celebrations past?

For the first time ever my church celebrated Shrove Tuesday. We partnered with another church and added a Silent Auction to raise money for youth mission trips. It was a blast and we brought in decent money, too!

3. How about Ash Wednesday, past and/or present?

Ash Wednesday was very nice because even though this church is smaller than some other churches I’ve served the choir expects to sing at special services like Ash Wednesday. I had a very moving experience myself as they sang. Precious.

4. Do you have a personal plan of give-ups, take-ons, special ministries, and/or a special focus for your own spiritual growth between now and Easter?

Well, it all started with a message on Twitter from Alaska. And now for the 3rd year, I’m wearing a clergy collar for Lent. The shorter version is: I’m a clergywoman serving in a place where women regularly are told by non-Methodists they can’t be pastors only because they are women. So for the six weeks of Lent I give witness to my ordination instead of taking it for granted like I do the rest of the year. In solidarity and silent witness with sisters who are called and not yet recognized as ministers I wear a collar.

The past two years I have ended up in conversations because of the collar particularly with young people that have been amazing. So, it is worth it, even though by the time I get to Easter I’m usually ready to go back to the Methodist way of no clergy collar!

5. Do you have a book or a website you are reading often during Lent?

Not this year, I think trying to have a dissertation ready for defense by the Monday or Tuesday of HOLY WEEK (yes, you read that correctly) is more than enough.

Bonus:  Song, prayer, picture, etc. that sums up your feelings about this liturgical springtime. The song is Java Jive (I love coffee I love tea) ’cause I’m gonna need it to survive!

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a stroke story – in the ER

One of the stories that I continue to think about is when my 15 year old walked into the room where I was lying. I looked at her and couldn’t say anything. I knew who she was. All I could do was point at her. The bed was elevated. She entered at the foot. With my arm straight out, I pointed at her. “You’re the man” style. Being 15 she pointed back as she navigated the crowded space around to my right side. The two nurses were on my left side where there was only room for them. As the 15 year old moved to my side tears poured down my face and she said “You’re going to be alright. It will be alright. Why are you crying?”

I had all kinds of thoughts in my head, including the realization that my father had died when I was 15 and that someone -ME, I – needed to grab that kid and hold her tight and tell her everything would be okay. Someone needed to reassure her. And I had no ability to get words, real words, out of my mouth, they were are garbled, hard to understand, mush words, at best. I so wanted her to know I loved her and I couldn’t say it. And the tears poured down my face.

I managed to breathe deeply and focus very hard to force out “I don’t know.” She was holding my hand and began to stroke my hair which made me cry more because I knew I should be doing that for her, comforting her instead of her comforting me, and she squeezed my hand 1,2,3 like when she was little “I-Love-You” and I squeezed back 1-2-3-4 “I-Love-You-Too.” Later she told me I had forgotten how to count because I squeezed four times. I had to remind her it meant “I love you, too.”

Before they started the IV with the “clot buster” medicine I had to sign the consent form. There is a brutal speech about how it may kill you. I had the pen in hand and the neurologist stopped me signing the form, made me look him in the eye to make sure I understood what they were saying to me. What real choice did I have? When I signed my usual scrawl was just an up an down squiggle that any 3 year old could have made. It only reinforced the decision to “sign.”

They told me to let them know if I got a headache as the medicine was going in. I did. They stopped the medicine to do another CAT scan. It allowed them to continue but at a slower pace. Later the neurologist told me that the scans allowed him to see the clot that was in the area that controls words dissolve. I would be fine. It would take time but I would be fine.

And he said my 15 year is amazing. We had been in the ER the Saturday evening before the stroke so she knew my medicine list. On the day of my stoke, when I had no words, she explained everything to the doctors who needed the information calmly like she did it everyday. He was knocked over by her grace under pressure.

Much later when I was telling the story to someone in her hearing she said, “Have you met me? I’m a preacher’s kid. I don’t fall apart.”

And I said, “Well, not for that.”

“Yeah, not for that, then.”

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I made it!

Look! I made it into the RevGalBlogPals web ring!

I even have the button on my website! But it’s too big. I cannot figure out how to get it the right size so the whole logo shows the way it is supposed to show.

So I am writing this lame entry asking for help.

At least it’s not a knock, knock joke.

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Three months

I have made sure to post three consecutive months! Now I can finally request that this blog be included in the webring for RevGalBlogPals, too!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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